Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

How can I pay?

At the moment you can use PayPal or Stripe. You can use your PayPal account or if you don´t have an account, you can pay as guest without the need to create an account. Depending on your country the payment methods may vary. Please check PayPal to get a detailed list for your country.

  • American Express (UK, USA, Canada and some other countries)
  • VISA (most of Europe, USA, Canada and some other countries)
  • Mastercard (most of Europe, USA, Canada and some other countries)
  • EC (Germany)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • Mastercard

What happens after I purchased a product from your website?

When the transaction is done you immediately receive an email with download links and you can access this download from your Your Account > Purchase History..

How do I re-download previously purchased products?

You will need to go to Your Account > Purchase History. From there you are able to re-download past purchases..

Do you send out DVD's / CD's with your products?

Siger Studio does not offer physical products for sale. All products are available as Download Only.

Do you offer telephone support?

Unfortunately, no. We are a very small business, so we don’t have the staff to provide 24/7 phone assistance. We are based in Germany, and the time-zone difference makes it difficult to provide telephone support to our customers.

However, we do provide email support, and you are welcome to email us. Please send your support request via Support Contact Form or to support(at)

We aim to reply within 12 – 48 hours, and we often reply much more quickly.

What is Siger Studio's upgrade policy?

Minor version upgrades
All minor version upgrades are free for registered customers. A minor upgrade might add small features, or fix any bugs that were found in the software. Minor version upgrades are released frequently.
You can tell if an upgrade is a minor upgrade by looking at the version number. If the first part of the number hasn’t changed, it’s a minor upgrade – so if you have version 1.0.1 of a program, then versions 1.0.3, 1.1.0, 1.1.5, 1.2.2 and 1.9.5 would all be examples of minor version upgrades.

Major version upgrades
Upgrading to a new major version of a software will (usually) require a small upgrade fee. The upgrade fee will normally be 50% or less of the price you would otherwise pay for the new version. A major version upgrade adds more of new features, and may even have been rewritten from scratch. Major upgrades aren’t released very often – typically once every 1 to 3 years.

You will not be forced to upgrade your program to a new major version – you can continue to use an old version if you wish, and you can continue to receive support for that product. Older versions may not necessarily receive future improvements or upgrades, however.

You can tell if an upgrade is a major upgrade by looking at the version number. If the first part of the number changes, it’s a major upgrade. If you have version 1.0.3, then version 2.0.0 is a major upgrade, and so would be version 2.0.8, 2.5.2 and version 3.1.5.

If you bought a product less than year before the release of the new major version, you will get a new key for free.

I've upgraded my workstation. Why does the plugin not work anymore?

Our software/plugins rely on a so called “hardware locked license key”. That means it is bound to the hardware you’ve activated it on with.
Because we know that many of our customers upgrade their workstations from time to time, we allow to reset the activation once a half of year. To do so you have to get in contact with us. From then on you are able to activate the software on your brand new workstation.

Where do I get the latest product version?

All minor updates are free of charge, which means you can always download the latest version from Support > Updates.

Can I get an email to let me know when a product updated?

Yes. All buyers of a certain product automatically receive the email.