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You can download and try Parquetex free of charge.
After purchasing Parquetex you are ready to register and activate your copy.
Activate your copy to remove the following Demo version limitations:
– The Export to Image feature limited to 1200 px by long side.
– The Element Length/Witdh limited to 200 px.

Use the “Help > Activate…” menu item to open the Parquetex Activation dialog.

Click the button Activation Request to open License Key request form.

Parquetex uses a workstation (hardware) locked licensing system. That means it is bound to the hardware you’ve activated it on with.
Because we know that many of our customers upgrade their workstations from time to time, we allow to reset the activation once a half of year. To do so you have to get in contact with us. From then on you are able to activate the software on your brand new workstation.

Please send License Request (.txt) file to us.
Import License Key that you received via email by click the button Import License Key.
After you have successfully imported key, please restart Parquetex.