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Source Image

Basically you can use any digital photographic material as Source Images. Because we use the whole image it have to be fine quality (without JPEG compression artifacts, over or under exposed, etc..).
Can be used as Source Image file formats: PNG, TIFF, JPEG.
To import/remove Source Image use this panel.


Try to avoid use of too large pixelsize of Source Images – this requires a higher amount of RAM and slow down the calculations.


Internally the software uses DPI of 96.
If your Source Image has other value of DPI, Parquetex internally convert in 96 with an appropriate ratio of the sides (pixelsize).


For parquet patterns use the wood texture in which the wood lines go horizontally.

It does not matter to the tiles patterns.

Note. When two Source Images are loaded and you remove the Source Image A – both sources will be deleted. For additional editing it is better to use the Source Image B loader.