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First Step

Welcome to this Parquetex Tutorial. This tutorial shows how to create a texture layer without any Source Images, using only Preview geometry and Post FX function. We will create the simplest color layer of a Tiles texture which can be imported to any graphics editing software (f. e., Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, etc…).

1. Start Parquetex.
2. Leave the default settings in Pattern panel.

3. Set layout parameters.
In the real project you can use other values, but now for fast re-drawing, we use such modest values.

4. Set Row Shift value to 0% or leave by default.
5. Set Corners parameters (Rounded and rounding value = 8px).

6. Click the button Layout Preview.

Now you see the pattern preview in dark gray default color.
7. Change the Fill Color, for example to #FF2626C2 (or RGB values R = 38, G = 38, B = 194).
Re-draw the preview by clicking Layout Preview or use shortcut Ctrl+P.
Now pattern preview is drawn in dark blue color.

8. Set Post-Process Effects parameters.

9. Apply FX.
You can play with different values of the FX Factor Seed or set it to Auto.

When you change values in the FX panel, re-drawing of preview is not required – only Apply FX.

Now you can export Preview layer to the image file and use in your graphics editing software.
10. Menu Export > Export Preview Canvas… or use shortcut Alt+E.