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Granite Mosaic

Welcome to this Parquetex Tutorial. This tutorial shows how to create a texture layer from one Source Image.

Download the Source Image for this tutorial.

1. Unpack the Source Image to any place (f. e., Desktop).
2. Start Parquetex.
3. Load the Source Image (Source Image A).
4. Select a pattern Type Tiles Quadrilateral.
5. Select a Group One Size.
6. Select a Pattern Corridor Horizontal.

This classic mosaic/tiles pattern contain of two horizontal and one vertical tile. And also the alternate column can be shifted down.

7. Set Layout parameters as shown in the picture.
As you can see, the parameter Element Width value cannot be changed. This value is set automatically: standard ratio of a tile 2:1.

In the Demo version parameters Element Length and Element Width are limited to the maximum value 200.

You can enable Preview (click the button Layout Preview or use shortcut Ctrl+P) to see what you get.

8. Click the button Render (green triangle sign).
Process of a calculation and render will take place very quickly – it may take less than one second.

Final touch.
9. Set Post-Process Effects parameters and click the button Apply.

Color Layer of a texture is finished. Now you can rasterize and export to the image file (PNG or TIFF with transparency) and open or import into your graphic editor (Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, etc…).

Menu Export > Export Content Canvas… or use shortcut Ctrl+E.

In the Demo version Content Canvas export is limited to 1200 px on the long side.