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User Interface:: User Library

VMPPmax User Library manager can operate only with one “global” material library partitioned into Sections and Categories (Folders and libraries).
The “global” user material library can be by default in C:\VMPPmax\userlib or in any other place. The path to library can be set in VMPPmax settings “User Directory Location“.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
F2 = Rename
Shift+M = Assign Material to Material Editor Active slot
Shift+O = Assign Material to selected Object(s)
Alt+M = Get Material from Material Editor Active slot
Alt+O = Get Material from selected Object

NumPad1 = Render Single Thumbnail Draft
NumPad2 = Render Single Thumbnail Medium
NumPad3 = Render Single Thumbnail Best

NumPad4 = Render Category Thumbnails Draft
NumPad5 = Render Category Thumbnails Medium
NumPad6 = Render Category Thumbnails Best

Alt+N = Add/Edit Comment

User Library rename Dialog
Escape = Cancel and Close
Enter or F2 = Accept changes and Close

Short video how to use Material Manager.