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Installation & Licensing

System requirements

VSSPmax 3.x.x is compatible with 3ds Max 2013 or later, V-Ray 2.40.04 or later | 32 and 64 bit.

Installation of the software will default to the 3ds Max root directory: maxroot\bin\assemblies\ and maxroot\plugins\
Additional files will placed in the directory C:\VSSPmax\

Obtaining a license key and serial number

VSSPmax installer requires a serial number. To receive a serial number and license key file you shall provide us License Request Tool two generated text files.
1. Extract the downloaded archive VSSPmax_3xx_20xx.zip in any to you a convenient place (for example Desktop).
2. Open directory VSSPmaxLicTool and double-click VSSPmaxLicTool.exe
3. Fill the text fields, click button Generate HID, then Generate Client Info button. In a directory VSSPmaxLicTool will generated two text files: HardwareID.txt and ClientInfo.txt.
4. Send text files to support(at)sigershop.eu
As is possible soon you will receive by e-mail the License key file and serial number for installer.


As soon as get a serial number (it can occur within 1-24 hours after your request), you can begin plug-in installation.

If 3ds Max is running – close software.

Installing VSSPmax requires that you have administrative privileges on your system. If you are running Windows Vista, right-click on the installer and select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
For all other versions of Windows make sure that you are logged in with administrative privileges and double-click the installer (VSSPmax_setup_3xx_20xx.exe) to run it. Follow the on-screen instructions.
During the installation process you will be prompted for the ROOT directory of 3ds Max.

Before start 3ds Max copy your license key (vsspmax.license) in a directory C:\VSSPmax.
Access to V-Ray Studio Setup Pro in 3ds Max

1. Start 3ds Max.
2. Open the ‘Customize User Interface’ dialog from 3ds max menu > Customize > Customize User Interface…

access_1 3. Select ‘Menu’ tab and click button ‘New’.
access_2 4. Enter new menu name ‘Siger Studio’
access_3 5. Drag-and-Drop new menu (from list ‘Menu’ to menu Tree View) above the Help menu.
6. Click on sign + to open ‘Siger Studio’ menu.
vssp_access_5 7. From ‘Category’ Drop-Down list select ‘Siger Studio’ and Drag-and-Drop ‘VSSP’ to new created ‘Siger Studio’ menu as sub-menu.
Click button ‘Save’.
Now you can start the V-Ray Studio Setup Pro via 3ds Max menu > Siger Studio > VSSP.