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User Interface:: Lights

VSSPmax controls parameters only plugin VRayLight.
The VRayLight is a V-Ray specific light source plugin that can be used to create physically accurate area lights.
Parameters are the same as the VRayLight.
More about VRayLight © Chaos Software.

The first two dropdown-lists controls light diffuser map.
When a new light node is created, its name appears in the Scene Lights List.
plus – Create light node and add to the list.
rename – Rename the selected light node and a layer.
tg – Select Target (if the VRayLight is targeted).
hide – Hide the selected light node.
remove – Delete the selected light node and a layer.

Process All Scene Lights
This tool allows you to change the VRayLight parameters Subdivs and Intensity (Multiplier) in your scene – affect all scene VRayLight nodes.

Light Parameters Presets
The presets controls group allows you to save the various parameters of VRayLight into a binary file, so that you can re-load them again quickly, if necessary and apply to the other VRayLight node.
Saving a Preset
1. Type the name of the preset into the edit box in the bottom part of the list.
2. Write a note or leave blank.
3. Press the button Add Preset (+). The preset will appear in the presets list. If a preset with that name already exists, it will be overwritten!
The Preset file will be stored in the C:\VSSPmax\userpresets\ directory.
Loading a Preset
1. Select the preset you want to load from the list.
2. Select the light node (Scene Lights List) to which preset will be applied.
3. Double click on the name in the list. The relevant parameters will be loaded from the preset.