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User Interface:: Options

There isn’t a lot of parameters.
Default AA Filter – This is the type of Antialiasing Filter used by VSSPmax default. These are the possible filters:
– Area
– Mitchell-Netravali
– Catmull-Rom
– VRayLanczosFilter
– VRaySincFilter
– VRayBoxFilter
– VRayTriangleFilter

Frame Stamp – Turns the Frame Stamp on and off.
The frame stamp is a convenient way to put some short text over the rendered images. It can be useful in many ways – for example, in network rendering, to quickly determine which frames were rendered by which machine.
The frame stamp is one line of text, which appears at the bottom of the image.

V-Ray Log – This option controls the V-Ray messages window. When this is turned on, V-Ray will show the messages window at the start of every render.
During rendering, V-Ray writes various information in the file C:\VRayLog.txt. The messages window shows some of that information so that you can view it without the need to manually open that file.

Low Thread Priority – Turning this on will cause V-Ray to use threads of lower priority when rendering.

On the bottom of a tab – license information is displayed: Name and HID.