Item description

Version: 2.0.0

The Siger Studio’s Parquetex is a professional parquet/tile pattern texture layer editor designed for 2D and 3D artists.
With Parquetex you can create perfectly seamless pattern texture layer (Color) in realistic quality in a couple of minutes from any source images such as photos taken with a digital camera. The generated layer can be rasterized and exported to the image file (PNG or TIFF with transparency) and open or import into your graphic editor.

Key Features
  • 48 General Patterns.
  • Integrated pattern Elements content editor.
  • All Elements are unique (randomly cloned from Source Image(s)).
  • Very fast generator and pattern visual rendering.
  • Export Content and Preview to the image file.
  • Templates to store parameters information.
  • Quadrilateral and Non-Quadrilateral (Trigon, Pentagon, Hexagon, etc…) shapes.
  • Editable geometry corners.
  • Randomly Flip, Rotate source clones (Element content).
  • Live pattern preview.
  • And much more…
Version Requirements

Please make sure that your system fulfills the requirements before installing Parquetex.
System Requirements.

Demo Version

Siger Studio offers free demonstration version of Parquetex so you can “try before you buy.” This is absolutely the best way of determining if the software is right for you!

Demo version limitations
  • The Export to Image feature limited to 1200 px by long side.
  • The Element Length/Witdh parameters maxvalue limited to 200 px.
Documentation and Tutorials

Parquetex Help