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System requirements

V-Ray Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max v.4.x.x is compatible with 3ds Max 2013 or later | 64 bit.
You can download the latest official version of VMPPmax from Your Account > Purchase History > Your order.
If you experience any problems, please check the “Troubleshooting” section. If you are still having problems please contact our support.

Installation of the plugin will default to the 3ds Max root directory: \bin\assemblies\
Additional files will placed in the directory C:\VMPPmax\ (this directory is required and can’t be moved to the other location).
The installer also includes mandatory additional Siger Studio’s plug-ins. If they aren’t installed or outdated versions are installed – the latest versions will also be installed to the 3ds Max root directory: \plugins\

Installation Process

Download archives of an installer (VMPPmaxSetup4xx.zip) and additional files (scenes4xx and maps4xx).
Unpack archives to any convenient place.

If running any 3ds Max instance – close software.
1. Run the Installer (VMPPmaxSetup4xx.exe).
Note: If you are using User Account Control (UAC), a security prompt will open – you will need to confirm that the installer can continue.

2. Carefully read and click “accept” if you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

3. Installer will automatically look for installed compatible host applications.
Please select 3ds Max plugins to install.
If you didn’t install VMPPmax on one of yours 3ds Max, you shan’t execute the Installer. Simple copy file from 3ds Max root\bin\assemblies\VmppMax4_xxxx.dll (where is installed VMPPmax at first) to corresponding directory other 3ds Max version. Please note: minimum 3ds Max version is supported – 2013! 3ds Max 2017 requires VmppMax4_2017.dll file (VmppMax4 _2013.dll compatible with 3ds Max 2013-2016).

4. Copy the unpacked directory “maps4” in C:\VMPPmax\ or any other place (can be on a network drive).
If the directory “maps4” is moved to other place, than by default, it needs to be specified in settings “VMPP Maps Directory Location“.

5. Copy the unpacked archive “scenes4xx.zip” directory “scenes” content (not folder!) to C:\VMPPmax\scenes4\scenes folder.
These files can’t be moved to other place.

6. Run the host application (any instance 3ds Max where is installed VMPPmax) and create access to VMPPmax.
How to licensing.

Minor Version Upgrade

If running any 3ds Max instance – close software.
Download the newest setup.
1. Backup the file vmppmax4Config.xml (from C:\VMPPmax) to any place or rename it.
Important! Create the backup file before installation of the new version.

2. Run the installer.

Same installation procedure as new installation. Installer will automatically remove previous installation. This will allow you to seamlessly upgrade from one minor version to another.

3. Open the Settings tab.
Click “Import Settings…” and select the “vmppmax4Config.xml” backup/renamed file. All your settings will be automatically added to the new file of a configuration.

If other steps are required, then it will be described in the file included in archive of installation. If there is no additional file, more nothing is required.

VMPPmax3 Upgrade

VMPPmax4 can be installed together with old version. Versions don’t conflict. Upgrade procedure the same as new installation.